seeing you is my daylight

it’s been almost half a year i started making blogs…and some of those blogs are all about you..and yes its been almost half a year i keep on oppossing with my amygdala in order for me not to feel such wonderful feeling… …and without any noticed or even a warning sign God drops you in front of me with a very cute puppy i so love! that is why i cant even.merely understand every lil detail that is happening to me right now! it seems it is too much…and even in this blog im making i cant utter the exact subject for this… i think im going to have this hangover all of my life..a hangover mixed with an unstoppable smile…. a cheek that turns lil red whenever i reminise those days we had in the arcade,cinema etc… …now i really wanna shout it to the world that “i am so happy that you are mine now :)” …maybe im that really that good or i’ve been so good this past days that God gave me the best of best gift ever… the gift of chance…a beautiful chance to feel like flying..



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