a birthday gift

March 31,2013… one of the days i will never forget… one of the days that someone made me realized that birthday wishes can also happen to me inspite of the age i got right now…

…prior to that day i was hitting some jokes with my friends about a list i wanted on the day of my birthday and they got so worried because there’s those stuffs i dreamt that they cant afford…so i made a bargain for them to come on the day of my birthday instead of giving me such gifts…and yes same as usual they’re not around. i was disappointed a lil but i understand….so for me to cope up i decided to give myself a gift… i called a friend to help me find a very cute puppy coz that was the very thing i ever wanted all along…and in a very unexpected manner….. a super duper cute japanese spits mixed with terrier breed pup came out like magic with roses and a ferrero rocher chocolate inside… that moment i cannot understand a thing…. all i ever wanted to do is to hug him so tight… thank him all day long….but i cant coz he’s not around and he’s not the one who gave it to me personally… still i am so happy….

…the idea that there’s this very cute puppy on my birthday…the roses with chocolates — such a very shocking state for me and a bit of too much or even the matter of it that the one who gave it to me is the one whom i love so much all along ūüôā



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