There’s this thing that i wanted to get out of my head…and i am so stuck with it..i want it to let it go…but it seems you’re the only sunshine in every rain that comes..and now Im starting to become so cheap but i cant help it your so nice to me in every way,it’s just hard to explain that i want to be with you everyday… your smile and laugh i love the most that it made my heart melt…by those stare of which it makes me all warm inside..and by this moment my heart is so crazy and i think I am experiencing  cardiomegaly in which all Im feeling right now is about to burst.

Now i’m supposed to write a poem about this feelings inside but it turns out into a very bad testimony of crazy admiration…

First, you and i were just strangers..we don’t even know each other ..not even talk to one another..but with just one click of a hand our world that seems so different and it became so small that even me cant escape the fact that I am falling in love with you. By the very time we met i didnt even planned to have any attachment to you but as day goes by it felt like you have that magnet in you and i have the metal inside me that whenever we are near there’s that attraction I can never control.

Your always invading my dreams…that now I only wanted to do is keep on dreaming of you all day long…the dreams i have when you’re with me is so vivid and clear…and it makes me happy, though only in dreams we can be what we wanted to be.

Blah blah blah..haha I hate what im making right now and i know it is such so gay or maybe i am such a bitch with this stuffs inside me… MYSELF IS FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS BUT IN ANOTHER WAY AROUND I AM HAPPY…Coz it’s not being in love that makes me happy but it’s being in love with you that makes me happy :



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