happy 1st monthsary!

Can you imagine brod? It’s been a month. It’s May 12 today. By now people would say it’s not yet enough for us to celebrate coz we know that there’s still much patience to endure. I still find it strange that you are my boyfriend now and I am your girlfriend, and of course I find it strange that we won’t be doing crazy things together that much and that some of my friends keeps on teasing me how come I am involve in a LDR situation-with this crazy-immature side of me, or maybe then I think that they’re just looking at the wrong way. And same as what it was when we posted the change of status in facebook-it was like a bomb! People were shocked with that and even it’s been a month I still keep on receiving such congratulation greetings. Same as usual I keep on denying it and they keep on hitting me, it is really funny how things came to be this way but I’m starting to adopt with it now.

You see, I was sitting in Jollibee near the table where I laughed out so loud when I was making fun of you and the place was packed with people. I see faces I don’t think I’ll ever remember again. All these people are strangers to me. Tomorrow they’ll just be an after thought in my mind. You on the other hand will never be, and that’s just the point.

It could have gone for two years of my life not knowing you. I could just be one of those random strangers commenting on some of our mutual friends posts. And even though the thought of you going off into the next world ahead, I can’t imagine the life I would have lived if I hadn’t known you.

So thank you brod. You and I could have easily been strangers but we’re not. We could have missed out on the days when you’re still near but we didn’t coz we know that there’s this something. And I could have easily been somebody who would just offer a simple hi or hello to you one of this days, but for sure I’ll carry the regret if I didn’t spent those days when you’re still here…that’s why I am a ’bit’ happy when kuya ep made me realized that watching  the movie ‘oz the great and powerful’ was not bad after all. And you know what? Every moment I had in those few days we spent, no matter how short, was well spent and surely I’ll never forget.

I am truly blessed that God has given me this chance to say something so pathetic…and maybe this will be just one way for me to express my undenying love to you coz we have this limited access of communication just like the internet I have here right now. I know you are just a prayer away from me…and I pray by now, as you start reading this post, and as if you’ll find this (how I wish you wouldn’t)  because as of now I’m still having hard time hiding this blog site, so first I’ll pray that you’ll not going to bully me with this!!…and of course I’ll pray that you will be blessed to feel my embraces and kisses through my prayers no matter what time or day there.

I really thank God for letting me love you and letting me be loved by you. May our relationship be used for His glory….

Happy 1st monthsary brod… thank you 🙂



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