Life is too short to stand on the sidelines…

It’s finally June, which means that I’m out of school youth and board exam is over and at the same time the official start of my long Summer is just around the corner! So when I’m going to feel a little clueless or unsure of what I am going to do the whole season maybe I’ll just look with this list and will imagine that I am experiencing all of these. Formally, my free moments will be sleeping and watching movies, it may be that boring but I’ll just perceive it with a thought that every passing day I am getting closer with each of the adventures I wanted to do.

So I’ve come up with this “SuperBongga Bucket List” of a few activities, goals, and adventures I want to do.

Life, after all, is worth living. So why not DREAM BIG AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. Things unfold as what it should be as long as it is for us 🙂

v  Visit my lola in Canada

v  Shoot a GUN!

v Meet Mickey Mouse and friends in DISNEYLAND

v  Go on all-inclusive family vacation

v  Explore CAVES!

v  Go on African Safari

v  Drive a Nascar

v  Skydiving

v  Have an encounter with new animal

v  Attend NBA game

v  Make friends with another country

v  Milk a cow

v  Ice skating

v  Go with a wild girls night out with mama

v  Ride a camel

v  Windsurfing

v  Move into a new house & do the painting and some decorations

v  Paragliding, base jumping, rock climbing, water rafting

v And other water sports ( kite-boarding, water skiing,snorkeling,canoeing, jet skiing and maybe scuba diving)

v  Swimming with dolphins

v  See one wonder of the world

v Ultimate Adventure in Bahamas with someone (brodyan :p)

v  Experience a beautiful sunset with someone (brodyan :p)

v  Do a moonlight hike with someone (brodyan :p )

…i think i’m almost there, half of it…hahah done with the other one ‘zipline’ 🙂Image


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