A Picture of my Love

So little colors, pictures and poetry could describe my love for you; but now that i’m about to tell you how true, pure and great it is, i’m short for words, pictures and even for a little poetic knowledge. You are the love of my life by this moment and i dont have the thought of changing that, i wouldn’t know how distance can never be a hindrance for love until you came along and made it all possible.
When i think about you, i feel like i have everything one could wish for.
And you know what, i miss you so, i really do. Even though we see each other through skype, having that endless conversation that sounds so sweet, yet still i miss you. There are no words that can possibly explain how i feel right now, because in fact, i’ve never felt this before, yes it sounds so cliche, and i know that you know that i am the kind of person who never tell such corcky statements like this but still i wanted you to know all of these because i dont want to lose you. And so in this case, all i ever wanted to ask from you is that could we make this forever? ūüôā



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