Missing My Better Half So Much


This is me and the man who made me realize that being in love is such a great feeling after all…the man whom I can do everything without judging my flaws…the man who can be anything– a cool boyfriend,partner in teasing others,best-friend(or maybe I’m still on the process of telling him some things coz I really wanted to work this out with no any hesitations); in short– my other versionmy love of my life 🙂

We are in a long distance relationship. He’s in ammm I don’t know I guess Texas? ( HAHAHA), really it doesn’t matter for me where he is as long as we still have each other through constant communication, and of course I am here in the Philippines. I was terrified at first, because I know that being in this kind of relationship is very hard, and was afraid we might not last more than a month. But we did and now we are getting stronger 🙂 We last saw each other was on April 13, I know its not that too long already but I really miss him so much! Indeed, being far away from the person who makes your life worth living is hell a hard. But when you found someone worth fighting for and you now keep on thinking for the future for both of you, nothing is ever too hard. Yes, relationships are hard work, what more long distance relationships? It really  takes faith and trust for love to keep on working.

So, when you are lucky enough to have the one you love in the same country and same time zone as yours, never take them for granted. Because other people like me, pray everyday for that one day that I can finally be with him and say, “good night..i love you” and “good morning…i love you” on the same time, and same date.

I love him so much, and I know, that he is worth it. God knows, we are worth it. And we can make it 🙂


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