The Kind of a Girl I’m Not

A Thursday afternoon when some of my girl-friends pay me a visit in a surprise manner. We had this very long conversation, the talks about the crazy things we had during high school days and some stuffs about their life now. In a moment, I started noticing every lines they spoke, I started to think that ”how come I’m not like that?”. And with that I am referring into a certain behavior that maybe some girls possessed or should I say a lot of them. I have observed that women don’t say what they mean, they hear what men don’t say, and above all, possess the uncanny ability to get what they want. And at that very moment I felt very alienated to the fact that I am wondering- ”Why Im not like them?”. Then I realized that Im the kind of person in which I consider myself as a straightforward specie — ”what you see is what you get; and no surprises here.

So, I got this some kind of a list in which may be described as ”hot stuffs in girls that I don’t really do”. It may sounds funny and a little bit of spilling some secrets going on inside the brain of a women.

1. I don’t save momentos from past relationships; I’ve got a friend in which she still have this kind of love letter from her crush when she was 12 years old. She said that it serves as a remnants of their romantic past and of how far they’ve come. And for me it really sounds so creepy and those stuffs are just worthless to keep.

2. There’s this friend of mine hated her boyfriend for not texting her or not asking such permission from her and after that she secretly hated her boyfriend a little. And as for me, I don’t give a damn of not being messaged or being asked for any permission cause I know he has his life also and a privacy and same as to enjoy it. And another one, If I have this something weird feeling I feel like a lil anger or anything I confront him and that’s it end of conversation.

3. I’m not a mummy. I don’t wear any fabulousness in my body in order to become beautiful cause I am more fan of being in a comfortable zone than having a hell of those paddings, wires, body shaper, make ups like water color and etc.

4. I’m not a undercover agent. I have this friend who shares their online passwords with each other and it really sounds ‘WTH!’. I really don’t do any covert operation to uncover the deepest darkest online secrets of a ‘boyfriend’ cause I still believe that there’s no secrets that can be kept for so long and in this matter the word TRUST comes along 🙂

5. I have this friend who confessed on me that when her boyfriend asked her what gift she wanted and she said nothing then her boyfriend didn’t bother to buy something because that’s what she said and afterwards they had this breakup. Well, I love gifts but when I don’t ask any then it must not be that important to me. And also there’s this boy who ask me some kind of a wish a day before on my birthday and I said nothing, i said that because Im not really expecting something huge to happen in my birthday and during birthdays all I ever wanted is to have fun and no fancy surprises and maybe Im hitting some kind of jokes to my friends asking them hilarious gifts because all I ever wanted is to see their  funny faces when they reacted about it.

6. One time when I entered my cousin’s room and I saw her acting so weird then I laughed out loud and then she explained embarrassedly, and she said that she re-enact fights in her head so whenever she had some kind of conversation with someone she would cleverly win the conversation. Yah, it really sounds so IMPOSSIBLE! and good thing Im not like that!

7. And Im sure that this 7th list would be very familiar to every girl and maybe except me because there’s lot of them who loves to spend way too much time scrutinizing their faces in the mirror. They know every large pore, sun spot, unruly chin hair, and fine line and then they stay up nights thinking about them. Oh my God! Such a waste of time!  I may hate having pimples but I only get rid of them as soon as possible but I don’t murder my day looking at them or even thinking about them!

8. Shopping is not my thing. I hate shopping, I hate deciding what to buy and I hate it. I spend my teenager years wearing clothes that my brothers or my mom shopped it for me. But one thing that I am sure I LOVE FOODTRIPS! 

9. Some of my friends also act irritated for some reason that no one is noticing their new shoes,hair or shirt. Oh come on! Whats with the new thing? As long as you wear well and you are comfortable with it then it’s perfect!

10. In my age right now I have this girlfriends who are really dying to ignore those yummy foods just to continue their diet. But for me, Im really not that into it cause FOODS are my babies. And at this very moment having the life of a couch potato I still loss weight of about 2kgs for one month and I think its a good thing for me 🙂

11. Some girls says that ”estrogen is an evil bitch”. But for me we’re friends and i bet it’s a nice thing to have cause I can still tame those monster within me during mens days.

12. An another thing also I have this question about ”stalking” because there’s still this girl i know that who is willing to waste her time just to look onto her ex bf’s profile on facebook. And well she instantly gave this crazy alibi – ”because I wanted to see how he age poorly in a sorry life of eternal loneliness”. Wow! such a bomb but I think minding own’s business is still the key to success. 

13. And the last thing is that ”why some girls are looking that porn thingy?” or in a conservative manner I am referring to the ”Fifty Shades of Grey”. Well, maybe that’s the thing I wanted to apply in me for me not to feel ”out-of-place” 😀 


So, that’s it!. That’s me and that’s them :)….cause Im the girl with no dramas, the girl who loves to laugh out loud instead of frowning all day and the girl with the synonym from the very latest edition of Oxford collection — ‘SPONTANEOUS’  🙂




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