They said that love is not about finding the perfect person but instead it’s all about learning to see the imperfect person perfectly.  And maybe this is what they call true love. It took a while for me to believe in true love and maybe because past relationships was kinda bit quite difficult for me to get into that ‘’too serous’’ aspect. But who would have thought that in not so late and that too early in my 20s I came to the point where in thinking of the what ifs, with the thought of you and me are not  really great ,but you know what?.. it made me see how it was a blessing that we had that same feeling of a thing called ‘love’ and it’s a kinda miracle even though we didn’t fall in love by the first time we met but instead it was through a process and that  process was more…more  than any romantic stories ever told.

Literally, I never come up with the thought of some kind of a guy from the past would be my ‘he is the one’. But with just like a pop up icon in my search engine there were you all along…who came along with not that ordinary thing…but instead me with that very extraordinary feeling. The feeling that I could afford to have  weird quarrel with myself just not to like you that much, that weird thing that I would do any silly thing  just to keep myself away from you and still I got the monsterous obsession thinking about you in every way. It seems that every time I try to dilute you in every blood running through my veins and in every single idea not to think about you or even dig up some thoughts just to forget you, still that extraordinary feeling keeps growing stronger.

We only may have been together for almost 4 months only and we’re in a long distance relationship. We miss each other that much and we both are so excited to see each other the soonest. And we know that we see to it that our communication keeps on track for us not to lose that connection even we’re far apart. And it is my first time in this some kind of a ‘dating life’ term that I really communicate with a partner a lot and it is my first time that I feel so gloomy whenever I don’t get the chance to talk to you even for a day. I am not really a phone person but when it comes to you I could take a day just to talk to you. And even we only talk through skype but in some other way I can say that we communicate in an open emotion in which you understands me just the way I like it.

We had those great days when you were still around. We made those days memorable that even when I roam around the city…it feels like Im day dreaming about you and me walking in the street holding hands…having those big laughs, oh! such a great feeling to remember that one. And that time when we were watching Oblivion, we were sitting very close together and I was leaning in your shoulder slightly, it was the most comforting thing i’ve ever felt! Maybe it was not my first time leaning on a guy, but with you, it was the longest and it felt like I don’t want to end that moment. By that time as we were close with each other, there was this question that – ‘Will we last forever?’… I hope so but we’ll never know. One thing I know for sure is that this is different and I really wanted it just how it differs.

For almost 4 months and we didn’t experienced that huge fights, and I think it’s a good thing. Maybe some couple of people would wonder how come we don’t fight plus with the fact that we’re in this LDR and still we manage to understand each other well. And I think one of the reasons we don’t fight is that we try to listen to each other. We are not scared to share our thoughts and opinions to each other so we don’t ramble things up in our head much. And this is why this relationship is different and I just love how it differs.

Ever since I was young or even in my college days, I have never really imagined myself being a house wife…married life…planning future of having a family on my own but still I so love kids. I only imagined myself working, saving money, spending it for fun and of course traveling the world. But with you talking all of these topics like weddings, baby’s name, traveling with you and married life still gives me the nerve but in another way it seems it feels good to think about these stuffs. Imaging future with you is kinda mature one to think and that is why this relationship is so different and it sounds so cute on how it differs.

I may not be in the time of my miserable days when I knew you liked me and I liked you but it can also be end up with the thought that you were that light at the end of that tunnel. I never asked God this kind of a blessing because all along I am so blessed with family and friends but with He’s unconditional love with reasons He gave you to me like a big present on my birthday. He really knew that having you in my life would be one of my happiest days ever. So, this relationship differs by how God arranged it for us because this relationship is build up with faith and love. And I hope for the next 4 months and another 4 months and another 4 years and more we’ll still be a happy one.

There’s so much more to think how it differs all along but I guess it can be spill out with the thought that my love I have for you would take any risk just to embrace changes as we both grow together in this relationship. That is why this relationship is different because it differs like how we are so unique with the other couples and you’re so great in a way that you make me that wonderful person inside of me just the way I am..and so it makes me love you more each day.

To be honest, I don’t want to tell it like the others that they’ve found the one they’re looking for but I want it to just run along with this….- ‘I’ve just found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with’….

PS: sorry sa mga wrong grammar brod 🙂 bsta ang meaning ana I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! … thank you for everything..thank you soooo much!



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