My 31 Days Healthy Daily Routine

The first couple of months after graduation, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do. On the one hand, I wanted to get a simple job as I wait for the result of the board exam as an income receiving purposes, but on the other hand I wanted to get off my ass on the hospital field to explore things and start the first step of being a nurse here in Philippines. But as of any or many of people keeps on complaining— IT’S SO HARD TO FIND A JOB! With these terms I am stuck in the house living life as a couch potato. For almost three months I really did do what they called the—piggy syndrome/ piggy life cycle. And for three months I’m still thin! Or I don’t know what specific description may fit this type of health status I have, and I know some really wanted to have this state, but Im so sure Im healthy.

So, as living my life with the very boring routine every day I decided to challenge myself with this what I so called ‘’my 31 days healthy daily routine’’.

Every day I get up, eat, watch tv/ surfing the net, go to sleep and eat or go out with my friends. Maybe my routines aren’t quite that dull for some, but they’re rarely not that perfect and of course not healthy.  And with the used of my one favorite routine (surfing the net) I’ve got plenty of suggestions to help upgrade my daily routine. And these ways that follows are not in their top places but Im keeping on track to do the needed part to be done early in morning to start my day spontaneously. 

  • Drink two cups of warm water with lemon each morning. Yes it is and it will be two cups of it habitually. It simply increases the flow of digestive juices, helps to cleanse the body, and resets our pH balance, making us less acidic, which helps reduce the risk of disease. If you have sugar or carbohydrate cravings, add 1 tsp of it into the water.
  • Keep a 1.5 L bottle for water on handy and fill it each morning, keeping in mind that you should finish it by the end of the day. You may fill the thermos or a nice tea pot of a hot water and put three to four tea bags and let it steep. But as for me, a not so tea lover, I prefer water all day long but maybe at the mid of this challenge I may learn to love it.
  • Take Oz( my dog) for a walk atleast 15-20 minutes and add some 15-20 minutes of a cardiovascular exercise or any kind of exercise that may fit your physical needs, and of course with an empty stomach. This will reduce elevated morning cortisol levels and burn extra body fat.
  •  Make Breakfast Fast and Cheap. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat it, so if you’re not (or it’s just taking up too much time in your morning) there are plenty of ways to soothe your breakfast pains. Just like me I really love my morning with 4-5 packs of skyflakes soaked with milk. And one thing also eating healthy is a must! And afterwards spend a couple of minutes at the comfort room for a releasing time to empty everything from your back.
  • Do your chores in an easier way. Chores suck, but they’re a necessity and they don’t have to take hours to accomplish. As for me I do my chores one at a time; like I do my laundry today and maybe for tomorrow I may cleaning the kitchen and on the other day I do backyard.
  • Freshen it up. Feel that therapeutic effect of a morning shower, feel that oxygen input inside you that eases stress up and keep that circulation moving for a better immunity; and so you are so ready for more things to do for the rest of the day. And if you think you don’t need a shower, just like me I sometimes prefer to take a bath every afternoon, you may use some dry shampoo, oil cleansing to wash your face and brush your teeth with your most compatible type of toothbrush and toothpaste. In my part, I used medium type bristle toothbrush and any kind of toothpaste but sometimes I used synsodyne if my gums are bleeding.
  • Enjoy time at your room, sala or any preferable place you like. If you’re bored, try to find ways to incorporate the things you love into the routine you do every day. If you’re lonely or depressed or got nothing to do just like me who’s a unemployed fresh graduate and some of your negativity could be poisoning the entire day or maybe someone else’s negativity is poisoning you. First things first, identify that and cut it off. A positive outlook can make a big difference. If your unhappiness stems from a lack of energy, try something exciting like going out with friends, surfing the net or any that may suit your needs. A little creative thinking can make your work day much better.
  • Stay productive all day. A timer can help keep you productive or any plans that may contribute such fulfillment in your part. And as for me, I do the cooking every lunch and Im on the way to gather some significant stuffs for my new business. In this aspect, you can use doors to communicate to people that may play a big role in your plans.
  • It’s nap time! The Best Time to Take a Power Nap 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Naps aren’t just for babies and grandparents. And according to my research  these short spurts of sleep can improve your driving, sharpen your creativity at work and help you remember where you put your keys. In general perspective it  may even save your life!
  • Have a snack too!  Studies show individuals who eat four times per day enjoy greater weight loss. Eating regularly will avoid blood-sugar highs and lows that can affect your mood and energy.
  • Do as you please. Anything that may contribute a great deal in your day. You can try some things like going to park, biking or walking; I know it sounds as a second round of exercise for the day and we all know that exercise isn’t exactly at the top of most people’s lists, but still you can keep it on track. In this part, it may be filled with listening to music, watching movies or socialization with others. Just anything that may give a reward to yourself as long as it doesn’t break the habit of being healthy.
  • Reflection. Around 9:00-9:30, spend some time alone, even if it is just 15 minutes, to breathe deeply, meditate, ponder, review your goals, or write in a journal to wind down before bed and collect your thoughts.
  • Time to sleep sleepy head. Aim to get to bed before 10 or 11pm, but for me I may have some bargain (maybe before 12:00 am is ok), cause I usually get some sleep around 1:00-2:00 am.  Sleeping in a darkened room (for me maybe dimmed is much better) for optimal recovery and to maximize the release of melatonin and growth hormone. And please do avoid any stimulants (coffee, chocolates, soft drinks etc) before sleeping or any meal of the day, a lighter meal during dinner in an earlier time to avoid weight gain.
  • Then repeat all of this the very next day until day 31. Keep aiming and maybe you’ll get used to it not only for a month but for the rest of your lifestyle and without any too much expectations you will be well on your way to your optimal health.

 So, that’s it! 🙂



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