An Attribute to that Strong One

‎”The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Such a strong quotation that  must be applied to anyone else. And being strong is the only way to get it right away. Even from the start we already knew that  Jesus did some sacrifice just to save us all and in another way around He forgive us also. ‘’Forgiveness’’—with the word ‘give’ in between and add that ‘-ness’ that invoke such meaning of kindness,well I didn’t know how I came up with that one but I just like how it clings from my head.

Well in the deeper perspective, old or new scars scatters messily and making it difficult for everyone to do the righteous thing. Making such innocent act as a huge felony may all we always see in every line of details. But seeing it all through positively is such a great possible aspect to pursue happiness for each of one.

So here it is, Ive been hurt a few months ago because ive got this person as my ‘good acquintance’ one in my college days but in a boom of a bomb things were like a shipwreck! So many things said not so nice. I know she’s not my closest one kind of a person but still its so sad to think that I even didn’t do such bad thing to her.  Maybe theres just circumstances in life that we cant find the explanation or we cant just imagine how it became like that.

But  to make a ship beautiful we must fix it like before, it may not be as beautiful as before but we can still hope for a one good cruise for the future. So I endure such bravery to say it all and make it pure maybe not personally but I hope in that kind of communication my intention will always stay clean for anyone else. I did it not because for her but for the friendship of connected people around us and also for myself too. Making decisions in the right way even it’s the hardest part to do but still it’s a fulfillment as a mature one.

Life is  a will always be a mess…and mess complicates everything., maybe we can clean it up once in a while for a hygeinippyness purposes 🙂


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