Love and Happiness in an Overstressed World

“You’re an angel dressed in armor,you’re the fair in every fight, you’re my life and my safe harbor,where the sun sets every night, and if my love is blind,i dont want to see the light…” ( Michael Bubble)

Last day when i got home, i was so touhed and a bit teary because my langga(boyfriend) send me this tremortically sweet message thru kakaotalk. And for another dose to increase my hgt it was like a coincidence that when i continue reading it the music that was playing on my headset was the song “cant help falling in love”..the song he sang it for me a few months ago.
From a very tiring 8hours duty; with almost whole day standing,writting doctor’s order, running to change ivfs,give meds and cater patient’s needs…my day was just indeed a perfect beautiful mess. And like the song above, my langga is my angel that even though he’s so far away he protects me in every way that he could; he’s my energizer especially now that im struggling with my morning duty sched, he’s my only alarm clock that could wake up this lazy heavy body of mine and of course when he gives me a call in facetime and the first thing i see is his face…hmmm the best sunshine i could experience everyday. For almost 10 months of a long distance relationship he never fail to show me the love and happiness every single day and i am so proud of myself for saying yes to him…hahahaha ūüôā and i am so in love with my LOVE and HAPPINESS in an overstressed world. #0412



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