Love Day Soon

Here in my room with my long socks, pj and cozy oversized jacket wrapped around me while having my favorite book in my lap on this day and night rainy atmospheric condition; cold breeze of air that constantly shivers my cheeks; hearing foot steps of people rushing not to get wet and cold; yeah.. This is my kind of january looks like right now and its 27 degrees celcius outside.
Well..maybe imagining March in some kind of brown orange or maybe a bit of warm red shade in an afternoon break may strike it as breathtaking; whisper of air with twirling leaves falling; a perfect scenario with my husband and our bundle of joy; totally enjoying the day watching our favorite tv series with some yummy goodies to cram on; and this time its 35 degrees celcius outside. Such a pleasurable kind of love day. Soon 🙂 ❤

**i so much love rainy days but my upcoming summer is special!



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