Me Back Then

hi i’m Johannah Marie Bate Mercado friends usually call me deeday.. Im the only girl in the family and the youngest and this fact also endows the highlight about me that anticipates the implication of me having a boyish feat ..well I cannot blame them but this is who i am.. I am just a wild free wind with no extra dramas in life… I love smiling to things I like and to things I dont like.. I love laughing out loud and don’t care what people thinks about me…I love eating and not afraid of getting fat because I am that skinny…I love most of movie genres as long as it suits my taste of simplicity and pleasantness… I love to dance crazy moves and sing song that never existed just to express my wilderness… I love most the boys games….I love it whenever I can still manage myself when I am angry and tired…I love my ever so loving family… I love my goffy-idiotic friends of mine….. oh how I love being myself.

And in the outer side of me being egotistical, I am currently a graduating nursing student in Iligan Medical Center College who is captivated in making nonsense thoughts and articulate it through blogging… And this blog what I have right now is just an attempt to bring out something in me , so please excuse my grammars here and some of the crazy stuffs I do:) My thoughts are very random that sometimes I am not I’m not ashamed to share what I have in my mind. Plus, I think this blog will be flooded with some remarks of adoration to a certain gent? hahah😉