Fresh Love from the Other Side of the Globe

As what he keeps on doing,and now that its a happy valentines day, he obviously gives me that continous tachycardic moments with his never ending surprises… So glad having him as one of the best thing i could ever have… In one of the gazillion blessings i will forever be grateful of is my palanggingging….
Feeling that warm love from the other side of the globe..
I love my langga so much!



My Reward

If they’ve said that you havent lived until u’ve heard the rain coming down on a tin roof and its the most romantic sound in the world…but for me right now…the most romantic sound in my own world is hearing the voice of this man… The voice i needed every early morning…the best alarm clock ever! And the last sound i also needed before i close my eyes for a lovely sweet dream to me…
The man ive got a screenshot with is the love of my life. And that love of my life is the man i enjoy my day
facing my laptop watching movies with him thru skype or facetime.. He’s the man i could laughed out loud with as if we are nearly together physically.. He’s the man and the only man who could read my mind and say words that i may also tell in a chorus manner… He’s the man who could only tolerate my insensitiveness..the only man who could dance so beautifully and gracefully for me that i could blow myself up with so much joy whenever he do that… He’s the man who could only complete my day…the only man i could do a thinking with my future with him… the man that i could do a lil argue or some misunderstandings but still afterwards we just laugh out from it.. And he’s the man and the only man i couldn’t afford ending the day without clearing things up if there’s a need to… He’s the man i could share anything i feel or want to without any hesitations as if he’s my human diary now…He’s the man that whenever i think of him anywhere i make that nicest smile i could have.. And this man is really the love of my life…
And with the love of my life, i enjoy life as it is must to be… With the love of my life, i earned the earliest and amazing merrit i could have in my entire life… With the love of my life, worries and fears are just thin as air for me… With the love of my life, i could do anything in this world with so much inspiration in my heart…. And me along with the love of my life is…as if life is at its full contentment… I could not wish for more anything fancy from God but only for a life of forever with him and with our two team basketball player babies…

And waking up everyday is such a realization that having him is so much a blessing…the blessing that i dont need to search anymore or for more..but instead creating more chances of being a blessing, experiencing life with him and treasuring every bit of it.


Love and Happiness in an Overstressed World

“You’re an angel dressed in armor,you’re the fair in every fight, you’re my life and my safe harbor,where the sun sets every night, and if my love is blind,i dont want to see the light…” ( Michael Bubble)

Last day when i got home, i was so touhed and a bit teary because my langga(boyfriend) send me this tremortically sweet message thru kakaotalk. And for another dose to increase my hgt it was like a coincidence that when i continue reading it the music that was playing on my headset was the song “cant help falling in love”..the song he sang it for me a few months ago.
From a very tiring 8hours duty; with almost whole day standing,writting doctor’s order, running to change ivfs,give meds and cater patient’s needs…my day was just indeed a perfect beautiful mess. And like the song above, my langga is my angel that even though he’s so far away he protects me in every way that he could; he’s my energizer especially now that im struggling with my morning duty sched, he’s my only alarm clock that could wake up this lazy heavy body of mine and of course when he gives me a call in facetime and the first thing i see is his face…hmmm the best sunshine i could experience everyday. For almost 10 months of a long distance relationship he never fail to show me the love and happiness every single day and i am so proud of myself for saying yes to him…hahahaha 🙂 and i am so in love with my LOVE and HAPPINESS in an overstressed world. #0412


An Attribute to that Strong One

‎”The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Such a strong quotation that  must be applied to anyone else. And being strong is the only way to get it right away. Even from the start we already knew that  Jesus did some sacrifice just to save us all and in another way around He forgive us also. ‘’Forgiveness’’—with the word ‘give’ in between and add that ‘-ness’ that invoke such meaning of kindness,well I didn’t know how I came up with that one but I just like how it clings from my head.

Well in the deeper perspective, old or new scars scatters messily and making it difficult for everyone to do the righteous thing. Making such innocent act as a huge felony may all we always see in every line of details. But seeing it all through positively is such a great possible aspect to pursue happiness for each of one.

So here it is, Ive been hurt a few months ago because ive got this person as my ‘good acquintance’ one in my college days but in a boom of a bomb things were like a shipwreck! So many things said not so nice. I know she’s not my closest one kind of a person but still its so sad to think that I even didn’t do such bad thing to her.  Maybe theres just circumstances in life that we cant find the explanation or we cant just imagine how it became like that.

But  to make a ship beautiful we must fix it like before, it may not be as beautiful as before but we can still hope for a one good cruise for the future. So I endure such bravery to say it all and make it pure maybe not personally but I hope in that kind of communication my intention will always stay clean for anyone else. I did it not because for her but for the friendship of connected people around us and also for myself too. Making decisions in the right way even it’s the hardest part to do but still it’s a fulfillment as a mature one.

Life is  a will always be a mess…and mess complicates everything., maybe we can clean it up once in a while for a hygeinippyness purposes 🙂

Beautiful Summer in the Mid of September

Beautiful Summer in the Mid of September

Bright sunlight glittering on every grain of sand… a vibrant paradise that’s so white and fresh…that warm, golden sand runs between my toes with the gentle breeze…Oh! hmmm that scent.. the scent that I would like to savor every morning while walking along the shore listening to the beautiful, big blue ocean’s waves crashing against the corals and pile of rocks…the cool breeze that caress across my cheeks…little children walking along the sand, stopping
every so often to pick up a small rock-pebble-stick or anything they fancy..those lovely couples walking-holding hands and enjoying the passionate asylum…such a timeless alluring scenario of haven…. 🙂

My 31 Days Healthy Daily Routine

The first couple of months after graduation, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do. On the one hand, I wanted to get a simple job as I wait for the result of the board exam as an income receiving purposes, but on the other hand I wanted to get off my ass on the hospital field to explore things and start the first step of being a nurse here in Philippines. But as of any or many of people keeps on complaining— IT’S SO HARD TO FIND A JOB! With these terms I am stuck in the house living life as a couch potato. For almost three months I really did do what they called the—piggy syndrome/ piggy life cycle. And for three months I’m still thin! Or I don’t know what specific description may fit this type of health status I have, and I know some really wanted to have this state, but Im so sure Im healthy.

So, as living my life with the very boring routine every day I decided to challenge myself with this what I so called ‘’my 31 days healthy daily routine’’.

Every day I get up, eat, watch tv/ surfing the net, go to sleep and eat or go out with my friends. Maybe my routines aren’t quite that dull for some, but they’re rarely not that perfect and of course not healthy.  And with the used of my one favorite routine (surfing the net) I’ve got plenty of suggestions to help upgrade my daily routine. And these ways that follows are not in their top places but Im keeping on track to do the needed part to be done early in morning to start my day spontaneously. 

  • Drink two cups of warm water with lemon each morning. Yes it is and it will be two cups of it habitually. It simply increases the flow of digestive juices, helps to cleanse the body, and resets our pH balance, making us less acidic, which helps reduce the risk of disease. If you have sugar or carbohydrate cravings, add 1 tsp of it into the water.
  • Keep a 1.5 L bottle for water on handy and fill it each morning, keeping in mind that you should finish it by the end of the day. You may fill the thermos or a nice tea pot of a hot water and put three to four tea bags and let it steep. But as for me, a not so tea lover, I prefer water all day long but maybe at the mid of this challenge I may learn to love it.
  • Take Oz( my dog) for a walk atleast 15-20 minutes and add some 15-20 minutes of a cardiovascular exercise or any kind of exercise that may fit your physical needs, and of course with an empty stomach. This will reduce elevated morning cortisol levels and burn extra body fat.
  •  Make Breakfast Fast and Cheap. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat it, so if you’re not (or it’s just taking up too much time in your morning) there are plenty of ways to soothe your breakfast pains. Just like me I really love my morning with 4-5 packs of skyflakes soaked with milk. And one thing also eating healthy is a must! And afterwards spend a couple of minutes at the comfort room for a releasing time to empty everything from your back.
  • Do your chores in an easier way. Chores suck, but they’re a necessity and they don’t have to take hours to accomplish. As for me I do my chores one at a time; like I do my laundry today and maybe for tomorrow I may cleaning the kitchen and on the other day I do backyard.
  • Freshen it up. Feel that therapeutic effect of a morning shower, feel that oxygen input inside you that eases stress up and keep that circulation moving for a better immunity; and so you are so ready for more things to do for the rest of the day. And if you think you don’t need a shower, just like me I sometimes prefer to take a bath every afternoon, you may use some dry shampoo, oil cleansing to wash your face and brush your teeth with your most compatible type of toothbrush and toothpaste. In my part, I used medium type bristle toothbrush and any kind of toothpaste but sometimes I used synsodyne if my gums are bleeding.
  • Enjoy time at your room, sala or any preferable place you like. If you’re bored, try to find ways to incorporate the things you love into the routine you do every day. If you’re lonely or depressed or got nothing to do just like me who’s a unemployed fresh graduate and some of your negativity could be poisoning the entire day or maybe someone else’s negativity is poisoning you. First things first, identify that and cut it off. A positive outlook can make a big difference. If your unhappiness stems from a lack of energy, try something exciting like going out with friends, surfing the net or any that may suit your needs. A little creative thinking can make your work day much better.
  • Stay productive all day. A timer can help keep you productive or any plans that may contribute such fulfillment in your part. And as for me, I do the cooking every lunch and Im on the way to gather some significant stuffs for my new business. In this aspect, you can use doors to communicate to people that may play a big role in your plans.
  • It’s nap time! The Best Time to Take a Power Nap 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Naps aren’t just for babies and grandparents. And according to my research  these short spurts of sleep can improve your driving, sharpen your creativity at work and help you remember where you put your keys. In general perspective it  may even save your life!
  • Have a snack too!  Studies show individuals who eat four times per day enjoy greater weight loss. Eating regularly will avoid blood-sugar highs and lows that can affect your mood and energy.
  • Do as you please. Anything that may contribute a great deal in your day. You can try some things like going to park, biking or walking; I know it sounds as a second round of exercise for the day and we all know that exercise isn’t exactly at the top of most people’s lists, but still you can keep it on track. In this part, it may be filled with listening to music, watching movies or socialization with others. Just anything that may give a reward to yourself as long as it doesn’t break the habit of being healthy.
  • Reflection. Around 9:00-9:30, spend some time alone, even if it is just 15 minutes, to breathe deeply, meditate, ponder, review your goals, or write in a journal to wind down before bed and collect your thoughts.
  • Time to sleep sleepy head. Aim to get to bed before 10 or 11pm, but for me I may have some bargain (maybe before 12:00 am is ok), cause I usually get some sleep around 1:00-2:00 am.  Sleeping in a darkened room (for me maybe dimmed is much better) for optimal recovery and to maximize the release of melatonin and growth hormone. And please do avoid any stimulants (coffee, chocolates, soft drinks etc) before sleeping or any meal of the day, a lighter meal during dinner in an earlier time to avoid weight gain.
  • Then repeat all of this the very next day until day 31. Keep aiming and maybe you’ll get used to it not only for a month but for the rest of your lifestyle and without any too much expectations you will be well on your way to your optimal health.

 So, that’s it! 🙂


My Long Lost Sisters In Another Mother

A Best Friend is the kind of person who knows you inside and out, yet accepts you anyway. They love you to the deepest part of your anatomical structure. They know your deepest darkest secrets and keep them forever and sometimes not. They know your flaws, and disregard them happily through laughing it loud in your face without any offense. They hold your hand when you cry and are right by your side when you’re laughing so hard till you can’t breathe. If you have a best friend, damn, you’re lucky; and yes damn me coz I am more lucky than anyone else here and it is because I don’t call them bestfriend/s but I call them ‘sisters’ and literally it’s ‘gay’ (bayot in our dialect)




They said that love is not about finding the perfect person but instead it’s all about learning to see the imperfect person perfectly.  And maybe this is what they call true love. It took a while for me to believe in true love and maybe because past relationships was kinda bit quite difficult for me to get into that ‘’too serous’’ aspect. But who would have thought that in not so late and that too early in my 20s I came to the point where in thinking of the what ifs, with the thought of you and me are not  really great ,but you know what?.. it made me see how it was a blessing that we had that same feeling of a thing called ‘love’ and it’s a kinda miracle even though we didn’t fall in love by the first time we met but instead it was through a process and that  process was more…more  than any romantic stories ever told.

Literally, I never come up with the thought of some kind of a guy from the past would be my ‘he is the one’. But with just like a pop up icon in my search engine there were you all along…who came along with not that ordinary thing…but instead me with that very extraordinary feeling. The feeling that I could afford to have  weird quarrel with myself just not to like you that much, that weird thing that I would do any silly thing  just to keep myself away from you and still I got the monsterous obsession thinking about you in every way. It seems that every time I try to dilute you in every blood running through my veins and in every single idea not to think about you or even dig up some thoughts just to forget you, still that extraordinary feeling keeps growing stronger.

We only may have been together for almost 4 months only and we’re in a long distance relationship. We miss each other that much and we both are so excited to see each other the soonest. And we know that we see to it that our communication keeps on track for us not to lose that connection even we’re far apart. And it is my first time in this some kind of a ‘dating life’ term that I really communicate with a partner a lot and it is my first time that I feel so gloomy whenever I don’t get the chance to talk to you even for a day. I am not really a phone person but when it comes to you I could take a day just to talk to you. And even we only talk through skype but in some other way I can say that we communicate in an open emotion in which you understands me just the way I like it.

We had those great days when you were still around. We made those days memorable that even when I roam around the city…it feels like Im day dreaming about you and me walking in the street holding hands…having those big laughs, oh! such a great feeling to remember that one. And that time when we were watching Oblivion, we were sitting very close together and I was leaning in your shoulder slightly, it was the most comforting thing i’ve ever felt! Maybe it was not my first time leaning on a guy, but with you, it was the longest and it felt like I don’t want to end that moment. By that time as we were close with each other, there was this question that – ‘Will we last forever?’… I hope so but we’ll never know. One thing I know for sure is that this is different and I really wanted it just how it differs.

For almost 4 months and we didn’t experienced that huge fights, and I think it’s a good thing. Maybe some couple of people would wonder how come we don’t fight plus with the fact that we’re in this LDR and still we manage to understand each other well. And I think one of the reasons we don’t fight is that we try to listen to each other. We are not scared to share our thoughts and opinions to each other so we don’t ramble things up in our head much. And this is why this relationship is different and I just love how it differs.

Ever since I was young or even in my college days, I have never really imagined myself being a house wife…married life…planning future of having a family on my own but still I so love kids. I only imagined myself working, saving money, spending it for fun and of course traveling the world. But with you talking all of these topics like weddings, baby’s name, traveling with you and married life still gives me the nerve but in another way it seems it feels good to think about these stuffs. Imaging future with you is kinda mature one to think and that is why this relationship is so different and it sounds so cute on how it differs.

I may not be in the time of my miserable days when I knew you liked me and I liked you but it can also be end up with the thought that you were that light at the end of that tunnel. I never asked God this kind of a blessing because all along I am so blessed with family and friends but with He’s unconditional love with reasons He gave you to me like a big present on my birthday. He really knew that having you in my life would be one of my happiest days ever. So, this relationship differs by how God arranged it for us because this relationship is build up with faith and love. And I hope for the next 4 months and another 4 months and another 4 years and more we’ll still be a happy one.

There’s so much more to think how it differs all along but I guess it can be spill out with the thought that my love I have for you would take any risk just to embrace changes as we both grow together in this relationship. That is why this relationship is different because it differs like how we are so unique with the other couples and you’re so great in a way that you make me that wonderful person inside of me just the way I am..and so it makes me love you more each day.

To be honest, I don’t want to tell it like the others that they’ve found the one they’re looking for but I want it to just run along with this….- ‘I’ve just found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with’….

PS: sorry sa mga wrong grammar brod 🙂 bsta ang meaning ana I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! … thank you for everything..thank you soooo much!


You Mean So Much To Me



You’re the last thing I want to lose. You’re the thought I wake up to, and the thought I fall asleep to. Coz honestly, you’re all I think about every breathe i take. And one thing for sure, if I could be with anyone, still I choose you.  You make me feel so happy and cared for. I smile every time I hear your name. If you thought differently, well, you’re wrong. I want to keep you in my life for as long as possibleI love you…and please make sure you don’t forget that. I can’t promise that things will be perfect, but I’ll try my best to make it all of these til forever

The Kind of a Girl I’m Not

A Thursday afternoon when some of my girl-friends pay me a visit in a surprise manner. We had this very long conversation, the talks about the crazy things we had during high school days and some stuffs about their life now. In a moment, I started noticing every lines they spoke, I started to think that ”how come I’m not like that?”. And with that I am referring into a certain behavior that maybe some girls possessed or should I say a lot of them. I have observed that women don’t say what they mean, they hear what men don’t say, and above all, possess the uncanny ability to get what they want. And at that very moment I felt very alienated to the fact that I am wondering- ”Why Im not like them?”. Then I realized that Im the kind of person in which I consider myself as a straightforward specie — ”what you see is what you get; and no surprises here.

So, I got this some kind of a list in which may be described as ”hot stuffs in girls that I don’t really do”. It may sounds funny and a little bit of spilling some secrets going on inside the brain of a women.

1. I don’t save momentos from past relationships; I’ve got a friend in which she still have this kind of love letter from her crush when she was 12 years old. She said that it serves as a remnants of their romantic past and of how far they’ve come. And for me it really sounds so creepy and those stuffs are just worthless to keep.

2. There’s this friend of mine hated her boyfriend for not texting her or not asking such permission from her and after that she secretly hated her boyfriend a little. And as for me, I don’t give a damn of not being messaged or being asked for any permission cause I know he has his life also and a privacy and same as to enjoy it. And another one, If I have this something weird feeling I feel like a lil anger or anything I confront him and that’s it end of conversation.

3. I’m not a mummy. I don’t wear any fabulousness in my body in order to become beautiful cause I am more fan of being in a comfortable zone than having a hell of those paddings, wires, body shaper, make ups like water color and etc.

4. I’m not a undercover agent. I have this friend who shares their online passwords with each other and it really sounds ‘WTH!’. I really don’t do any covert operation to uncover the deepest darkest online secrets of a ‘boyfriend’ cause I still believe that there’s no secrets that can be kept for so long and in this matter the word TRUST comes along 🙂

5. I have this friend who confessed on me that when her boyfriend asked her what gift she wanted and she said nothing then her boyfriend didn’t bother to buy something because that’s what she said and afterwards they had this breakup. Well, I love gifts but when I don’t ask any then it must not be that important to me. And also there’s this boy who ask me some kind of a wish a day before on my birthday and I said nothing, i said that because Im not really expecting something huge to happen in my birthday and during birthdays all I ever wanted is to have fun and no fancy surprises and maybe Im hitting some kind of jokes to my friends asking them hilarious gifts because all I ever wanted is to see their  funny faces when they reacted about it.

6. One time when I entered my cousin’s room and I saw her acting so weird then I laughed out loud and then she explained embarrassedly, and she said that she re-enact fights in her head so whenever she had some kind of conversation with someone she would cleverly win the conversation. Yah, it really sounds so IMPOSSIBLE! and good thing Im not like that!

7. And Im sure that this 7th list would be very familiar to every girl and maybe except me because there’s lot of them who loves to spend way too much time scrutinizing their faces in the mirror. They know every large pore, sun spot, unruly chin hair, and fine line and then they stay up nights thinking about them. Oh my God! Such a waste of time!  I may hate having pimples but I only get rid of them as soon as possible but I don’t murder my day looking at them or even thinking about them!

8. Shopping is not my thing. I hate shopping, I hate deciding what to buy and I hate it. I spend my teenager years wearing clothes that my brothers or my mom shopped it for me. But one thing that I am sure I LOVE FOODTRIPS! 

9. Some of my friends also act irritated for some reason that no one is noticing their new shoes,hair or shirt. Oh come on! Whats with the new thing? As long as you wear well and you are comfortable with it then it’s perfect!

10. In my age right now I have this girlfriends who are really dying to ignore those yummy foods just to continue their diet. But for me, Im really not that into it cause FOODS are my babies. And at this very moment having the life of a couch potato I still loss weight of about 2kgs for one month and I think its a good thing for me 🙂

11. Some girls says that ”estrogen is an evil bitch”. But for me we’re friends and i bet it’s a nice thing to have cause I can still tame those monster within me during mens days.

12. An another thing also I have this question about ”stalking” because there’s still this girl i know that who is willing to waste her time just to look onto her ex bf’s profile on facebook. And well she instantly gave this crazy alibi – ”because I wanted to see how he age poorly in a sorry life of eternal loneliness”. Wow! such a bomb but I think minding own’s business is still the key to success. 

13. And the last thing is that ”why some girls are looking that porn thingy?” or in a conservative manner I am referring to the ”Fifty Shades of Grey”. Well, maybe that’s the thing I wanted to apply in me for me not to feel ”out-of-place” 😀 


So, that’s it!. That’s me and that’s them :)….cause Im the girl with no dramas, the girl who loves to laugh out loud instead of frowning all day and the girl with the synonym from the very latest edition of Oxford collection — ‘SPONTANEOUS’  🙂