Our Sunny Side Up Lovestory

The part wherein “girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married”  is a little too simplistic for how it should be. Well, we know most of stories complicates by its own and that’s how it spice up everything.

So here’s how I see things at first…

Early year in my college, I’ve remembered, had my breakfast alone in a fast food in a good for two table in a corner and in front of me was a happy couple eating together. I ordered the ordinary breakfast meal with one sunny side up egg. Enjoying as people passes by the window as they tag along the early morning rush and at the same thing witnessing how the two love birds romantically enjoying their meal, and just heard what the girl said to her boyfriend ” ate already the yellow part of the egg here’s the white for you, your favorite”, and the boy ate the white part of the egg. As I look at my plate, I’ve noticed I didn’t ate the yolk part and same thing with boiled eggs too, I just hate the yolk part.

By that day, I smiled and quoted it to myself ”maybe a boy who loves yolk part and me with the white part just fit the match like a perfect sunny side up egg someday”.

But then again stories complicates itself…

A couple of days, my husband reminded me the moment we had breakfast in the same fast food when we were just dating. I did remember that I wanted to give him the yolk part after I ate the white but Ive noticed in his plate that he’s finished already and a yolk part was still on his plate and then he said to me he hates the yolk part.

With the days before we became lovers, we had days that were just like tom and jerry, arguing with something but in the end we find ourselves comfortable and enjoying the conversation. In many ways, he just know what Im about to say while Im thinking it.

And by any chance, I didn’t expect to fall in love with my husband and I think he sees it the same as I do. But the cupid really hit it hard not just once or twice, I think a couple of times because I couldn’t imagine it at first.

But maybe the cupid was not that immature to look at, cause he’s just right. Everything is perfect. The timing just fit to anything.

Now, we’re married for 3 months and having our first baby, our greatest blessing from God. And with no other instances to think, we are more than that couple who matches like sunny side up egg cause we are way perfect just the way we love each other and our baby.


Fresh Love from the Other Side of the Globe

As what he keeps on doing,and now that its a happy valentines day, he obviously gives me that continous tachycardic moments with his never ending surprises… So glad having him as one of the best thing i could ever have… In one of the gazillion blessings i will forever be grateful of is my palanggingging….
Feeling that warm love from the other side of the globe..
I love my langga so much!



My Reward

If they’ve said that you havent lived until u’ve heard the rain coming down on a tin roof and its the most romantic sound in the world…but for me right now…the most romantic sound in my own world is hearing the voice of this man… The voice i needed every early morning…the best alarm clock ever! And the last sound i also needed before i close my eyes for a lovely sweet dream to me…
The man ive got a screenshot with is the love of my life. And that love of my life is the man i enjoy my day
facing my laptop watching movies with him thru skype or facetime.. He’s the man i could laughed out loud with as if we are nearly together physically.. He’s the man and the only man who could read my mind and say words that i may also tell in a chorus manner… He’s the man who could only tolerate my insensitiveness..the only man who could dance so beautifully and gracefully for me that i could blow myself up with so much joy whenever he do that… He’s the man who could only complete my day…the only man i could do a thinking with my future with him… the man that i could do a lil argue or some misunderstandings but still afterwards we just laugh out from it.. And he’s the man and the only man i couldn’t afford ending the day without clearing things up if there’s a need to… He’s the man i could share anything i feel or want to without any hesitations as if he’s my human diary now…He’s the man that whenever i think of him anywhere i make that nicest smile i could have.. And this man is really the love of my life…
And with the love of my life, i enjoy life as it is must to be… With the love of my life, i earned the earliest and amazing merrit i could have in my entire life… With the love of my life, worries and fears are just thin as air for me… With the love of my life, i could do anything in this world with so much inspiration in my heart…. And me along with the love of my life is…as if life is at its full contentment… I could not wish for more anything fancy from God but only for a life of forever with him and with our two team basketball player babies…

And waking up everyday is such a realization that having him is so much a blessing…the blessing that i dont need to search anymore or for more..but instead creating more chances of being a blessing, experiencing life with him and treasuring every bit of it.


Unspoken Rule


We had a long eye contact today which lasted for a few seconds but it felt like longer or even now I still can see his eyes.It ended me standing still not to blush or even scream!..Neither of us had the fortitude to say something to one another.He just passed by me and in that way it ended. So I look away and continued chattering with my colleagues. Its been awhile and I can still see the structure of his face, the gaze of those sexy eyes, his tempting smile and the scent of his perfume that brings coolness in the air. That moment made me loss my consciousness for awhile and I just don’t know how to bestow any description with this or maybe it will just fall into the place of unspoken rules…an eye contact in extended time anticipating for a connotation of ”please say hello to me” 🙂