My Birthing Story

My baby was born by emergency c section. A surprisingly calm experience but the one that left me feeling disappointed. I had prepared well for labor using relaxing techniques, early morning walks, healthy eating and lots of reading. But still the most important thing is that  Aj is safe and healthy.

So here it is. It was March 12, 2015 if I’m not mistaken when Bryan and I went to my Ob-gyne for my weekly check up and yes it’s my birthing month at that time. By that day I never thought that I’ll be admitted that soon!! Because the thing in my mind was that Bryan just got home  from Texas the other day  and for me there’s so many things to get that ready though,and  not to mention we just moved into a new place. Another thing also it was our monthsary, so the day was planned. We’ll be going to Bryan’s cousin for a lunch and go to my doctor for a visit and Bryan will have his haircut done and afterwards maybe a short walk around the city. But all of the sudden our plans were change after we went to my doctor, by that time she said I am 3cm dilated and I need to be admitted that day. Bryan then decided to go home early even though I don’t want to because I wanted his haircut done. But he’s so anxious and excited that he really wanted to go home and prepare all the things. But in my mind — “I DON’T Wanna BE ADMITTED!’’. Im not having any pain or anything plus I wanted to watch my fave tv series “forevermore’’. But unfortunately Bryan and my mom are so anxious that they wanted me to get ready. So I was admitted at Mercy hospital on that day at 6pm.

To make the story a lil bit shorter:

I was induced for 2 days. On my first night of being induced I thought I am going to gave birth because I am already feeling a lot of pain during contractions. My mom was so worried and she keep on asking me if Im okay or if I wanted to push already. Bryan keeps on asking if I wanted a back rub and he was so bothered and worried because I keep on moving alot without saying anything. I let him rub my back but still the paiwas still there . After a couple of hours the pain was gone and I had a good sleep. By the morning the nurse said I was 4-5cm. And the doctor visited me in my room in the morning and she ordered for another increased dose of oxytocin. All day I was walking around the hospital. Many of our family and friends visited me thinking that I already gave birth. The next day on 12 noon the nurse checked me and they said I was still 5 cm despite of the increased dose of oxytocin. The doctor went by and she checked my baby’s FHT. I was monitored lying on my back for an hour in the delivery room. While the monitor was attached contractions started and as far as I can remember it was the most painful contraction Ive ever experienced. And it was so hard because I am alone in the delivery room and I was hesitant to call the doctor and the nurse. I wanted to call Bryan but I forget my phone in our room. I wanted to scream because it was so painful and it felt like my baby was having a ramble inside my tummy. I can still remember how it hurts, my legs were shaking, my ribs feels like being ripped apart and I just can’t described how scruciting my spine was. After a couple minutes of contractions the doctor IE’ed me and she said I was 5-6cm. She was bothered a little why my contractions was so slow despite of the oxy given, but I said to her that Im in pain already and I need to get up and walk to ease the pain so she let me back to my room and advised me to walk. All afternoon I did was squat walk, squat walk around the hospital just to progress my labor fast. For several hours I was in pain ( a lot as in a lot) and I don’t want anyone talking to me. And unfortunately Bryan’s friends came for a visit and I did not entertain them. I leave them inside the room with Bryan, I continue my exercise around the hospital not being accompanied by Bryan because I was so angry with him by that time because he let his friends stay a long time. After an hour they leave and still I am angry to Bryan and I did not eat my dinner and I did not talk to him. At 7pm the doctor visited me and checked my dilation. She was so worried why Im still 5cm and she’s so worried for baby. So she ordered for an emergency CS, just in time I didn’t eat my dinner so I am 8 hours npo and not to mention the team for my CS operation were all at the OR already. Everyone was so worried specially my mom and Bryan. But as for me I didn’t felt any fear or worries all I wanted was everything will be through already.

When I was in the O.R. the circulating nurse assigned was Bryan’s friend so Im not worried But it was so ironic because the last time I was in the O.R was when I was assigned as the scrub nurse and that time I was the patient lying on the bed and about to have my first general anesthesia.

As the operation goes along, I started feeling dizzy and my body was shivering due to the anesthesia. I can hear what everyone was saying but I cannot comprehend. I was trying hard not to fall asleep because I wanted to hear my baby’s first cry. And a couple of minutes the nurse shouted ‘’12:14am baby girl’’ and afterwards I heared her first cry. March 15 2015 I heared the sweetest melody. In contrary I was worried why she cried a little and a second I knock out already. A half of hour maybe the doctor woke me up for a selfie with my baby but I was so dizzy and I can’t stop my eyes not to close. Then a sudden I woke in stretcher going to the recovery unit. I saw Bryan crying on my way out, my mom, uncle and mommy.  I was bothered why they seem so sad but as for me  —- ‘’YES! I survived! LOL’’ .

In the PACU, it was Bryan who was with me. He was so worried why I wasshivering a lot. I can still remember that the room was not cold but still I can’t control my shiver. After an hour I was transported back to my room. And everyone except Bryan went home for rest. Bryan was asleep at the couch. He was sleeping so soundly that I didn’t bother him for anything. When the morning shift nurse had their rounds I was eagerly asking them to wheeled me to the nicu for me to carry my baby already. And they said that I need to practice how to turn side to side and how to sit and stand slowly for me to be able to ambulate to the nicu. It was hard for me to practice my movement because the operated site was so painful! And it took me one day to see my baby. Good thing Bryan took photos of Aj and videoed her when he went to the nicu. And all day long I keep on playing the video and zooming Aj’s first picture. 


Athena Julienne 

Im so speechless.. No words can describe the moment when my ob put you on my shoulders.. Feeling you so near me for the very first time was so unexplainable! So dizzy by that time due to the anesthesia still i fought with the circumstances just to feel your presence atlast! After 9 months of in my tummy..the moment i took the pregnancy test, fighting hyperemesis for almost 4 months, our regular check ups, checklist of nutritous foods and some uncontrollable cravings, the collection pf baby bump pictures, your movements and kicks upto to this very overwhelming moment of joy that i can kiss and hug you nonstop. My babylove– athena julienne im so in love with you… I love you so much my baby!